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So time currently being is likely to be folks deposited currency inside the banking companies will withdraw after 2 months or three months.So how you'll say it is actually black revenue?????????

aapse reqyest hai ki five-2-sixteen se hi muslim ke muhalla me jo devi mandap hai usme 24 hrs loudspeaker jo one/two/2016 ko mukhiya pati dinesh kumar paswan dawara de kar ‘,kundan paswan, kundan observed,chandan paswan , anup tiwary,parween tiwary,jwala pandey , dinesh paswan, om parkash paswan ,vicky paswan, sunil paswan, dawara jama hokar, whole seem me bazaya ja raha hai. jis se pura din bacho ko padhne me, namaz padne me , kahi kisi se bat karne me or jo log bimar hai unhe kafi paresani ho rahi hai. police ke aane par wo near kar de rahe hai or jaise hi police ja rahi hai waise Hello wo mahaul bigadne ki kosis kar rahe hai.

Isliye ham Jharkhand ke candidates ka anurodh h ki hamare difficulties ko dhyan me rakhte hue is exam ke day ko badhaya jaye .

It looks like BJP has established a great number of joseph goebbels () as their spokes particular person as hitlers nazi germany manufactured just one joseph goebbels ha hahaha

Most humbly and respectfully I beg to say that some abnormality is found for your competitive examination of this yr.

Who is a lot more corrupt who is much more dictotorial? You may knoww quickly. To buy jandhan kahtas financed by volutary fuel subsidies, now to keep up that banking institutions charge all of us. Bad are perfect because they votebanks

3. GST is usually a failure – This an ultimate principle which if applied accurately, would assist lakhs of companies, but I don’t know very well what created them to drive the transform about night time with no system (personal computers) supporting it.

huwa dhab saloniya mauza dhab aur mauza tham mein bahut sare awaidh rup se kreksar lagye gaye hai jisme ganw ke tarph se kai bar andolan kiya gay aur kaibar phaisla bhi kiya gaya jise mein sabhi kreksar malik upasthit the usme niyamanusar kareksar ke pradusan rokane ke liye pani chhidkaw aur chardiwari lagane ki bat kahi gayi thi lekin abhi tak koi kreksar par koi suvidha uplabdh nahi hua balki aur randari se khule aam 24 gante awidh rup se kreksar chala rahe hai jiska koi laicence nahi hai

You write in TOI and you have failed to influence even one citizen of India regarding how Modi is terrible and Sonia is good! Ha ha ha! Pleased to find out Sonia losing her loot on rubbish like you!

मै महेन्द्र कश्यप,ग्राम- बांगा,ग्राम,पंचायत-उतासारा, प्रखंड -पेटरवार,जिला-बोकारो का रहने वाला हूँ।वर्तमान समयपर अपने पंचायत के पंचायत समिति सदस्य हूँ।

You'll be able to realize the size of benefit which India will get. If Review to Those people Advantages that is going to accumulate in India’s potential, the present reduction is practically nothing. So please don’t worry you and make Many others.

In my guess this 2000 denomination can be a very constrained amount . As soon as the technique stabilizes Govt might imagine proscribing this denomination to prevent accumulations.

and at the same time talk to the people be patient until 50 times later you're going to get substantial class health care attentions?. So, make sure you don’t seek to help Anybody blindly.

Prem November thirty, 2016 at 1:fifteen am Time will inform us who is right. certainly it really is an evolutionary stage which can have ups and downs but we must always guidance it. Because myself and yourself and all Indians have absent thru corruption and now it read more is a component of our way of existence. Even for depositing funds within the lender, You will find there's queue and you prefer to to leap the queue and now it is actually our character to obtain our work performed thru partnership, thru bosses, thru politicians and thru paying revenue.

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